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Kid Fall Craft

Walking along the neighborhood and enjoying the nice cool fall weather puts me in the mood for some apple cider and crafting. I am pulling the wagon around our neighborhood while the kids are squirming in excitement to get out. Today we are crafting! I come to a hault, open the wagon door and ask the kids to step out one by one. As they do, they look around them. I advised them “Today we are putting together a fall wreath”. Puzzled they look at me. Their cutest faces looking up at me always puts me in a fantastic mood. I tell them to please find some leaves. All different colors. Red, oranges, yellow or brown ones of their choosing. They loved walking around in circles picking the best ones. I watch at how proud they were to find leaves on the ground and around the trees. They both, collected about a dozen and put them in the plastic bag I had brought. After they were finished, they hurried back into the wagon so we can get home and complete our wreath. 

Apparently, we couldn’t get home quick enough. When I opened the front door, they pushed through and jumped into their seats at the table. I lied down a roll of white craft paper and handed them some markers. I advised to first color the ring. The night before I took a drive to Target bought some paper plates and cut out the middle so it was the shape of a wreath. I gave them the paper ring and the creativity began.  While they were coloring away for 10 minutes or so, I cut the stems off each leaf and placed them on the table. The girls were very eager to begin gluing when they saw the leaves. Next, the markers were put down and I gave each kid a glue stick. I began to show them how to glue the back of each leaf and then pasted it to the wreath. They did amazing!! I was very impressed with their skills while holding the leaf in one hand and the glue stick in other hand. I had asked to help them, and I was told NO! Cute! They are so independent already.

While both girls continued to keep gluing, I asked them about the colors each leaf had, where do leaves come from, and explain how the leaves fall off during the fall season and then winter is the next season.

I just love to see the creativity of children when they take charge of the craft on their own. It gives me such joy to see them smile and express themselves. 

Please upload a picture of your wreath, if you liked to take part in this activity. I’d love to see everyone’s masterpiece!


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