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How To Make Money As A SAHM


It’s not easy being a stay at home mom. Whether you had a career and gave it up or always have planned to stay home with your little love bugs, there are many stressors. Finances can be considered #1 when taking the decision to stay home. As, it was for us! We don’t have all the answers and have struggled with the thought of going down to a once income family. This article is not going to give out a bunch of phony “How To Make Money” ideas, but strategies that myself have pursued and have become successful. 

Deep Clean

Clean out those closets! Do the kids have more than enough toys they don’t know what to do with? Are the closets full of junk? Sell your items on Facebook, craigslist or have garage sale. One way that I’m able to afford new clothes or toys at Christmas is by selling the old. After a big holiday or birthday, I rotate the kids toys every 3 months. I stack a bunch in the closet and let them have a certain amount. That way after a few months they have “new toys” to play with.  By the 6 month mark, I sell as many as I can. The kids have played with them multiple times and either their birthday or Christmas are coming back around. With toddlers this is easier to do, now when children get holder it’s a little harder, as they remember all the toys and fun stuff they receive. With clothes, kids grow so fast and will need more clothes every year. Once they have started to grow out of them, have a yard sale or sell at a mom to mom sale.

Work From Home

Big companies like Amazon, Google and AT&T have been known to have work from home jobs. There are a number of other companies out there that have incentives and also looking for people. You may need a land line phone to be put in or some office supplies. Some work from home positions may require telemarketing, being a virtual assistant, or bookkeeping. It may not be a dream job, but with some extra cash coming in it just may help when you’re in a pinch or holidays coming up. But hey, you get up out of bed and hit the computer / phones from your comfy couch or pajamas. Sounds good to me! 

Find A Craft

Are you a crafty person? Have you once wanted to start pursuing photography, crochet or other hobbies? I was able to turn my craft into a business. Personally, my production has only been ongoing for about 1 year and 10 months and It’s not an entire income, but it works. Every penny and dollar helps out. I am able to put the kids in extracurricular activities, buy groceries, pay a utility bill here or there, take the family out at an event and more. What are you passionate about? What kind of hobby or craft could you turn into a business? One tip; don’t try to reinvent the wheel, make something that we all have seen only better!

Find An Hourly Job

There are places like Grubhubb, Shipt, Uber, and more that are always looking to hire. Advantages of these positions give someone the freedom to make their own schedule and get paid weekly. The best part is that one can set a schedule and only work maybe an hour or two a day. This would a great time to get the kiddies out of the house as well. Do you have close friend or family that would be able to watch them? Maybe a daycare center who does hourly drop in’s? The children would benefit from some extra playtime and money for yourself. And not to mention getting out of the house for a few hours doesn’t hurt either.  

Dog Walking

Need some exercise or some extra cash? Dog walking is a fun side job that you can do and allows you to bring the kids ( if you decide to ). There are many people who are stuck at work and need their dogs to burn off energy and or be let out side through the day. One can simply use social media like facebook or Instagram to put an ad out. Or put an ad on local bulletins around town. If your really serious has deals on business cards, 500 for $10. Give yourself a name, order some cards and hand them out at dog parks and friends. If you live in a military town, there are great opportunities, as soldiers are gone weeks and months at a time.


Become A Nanny

Becoming a nanny or babysitter can be greatly rewarding. It is not for everyone and that’s totally ok! If you love being around children, putting together crafts, or teach then this could be a good fit. First, I would get CPR & First Aid certified. I personally would not recommend watching someone else children without some kind of certifications. There are too many liabilities and it’s always a great feeling to give yourself peace of mind knowing what to do an a life threatening situation. Parents are always looking for good reliable people to watch their children. This is a good market to pursue. The rewarding part is making new friends and create close bonds with others.

There are many other ways one can make some extra side cash, again I have had success and so have friends. Being a stay at home mom can be one of the best opportunities to ever have. I love waking up with the kids, getting up for the day, school drop off’s, making dinner for my family and have extra time with all of them at night. My days are complete with my children and husband.

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