5 Kitchen Gadgets – Decrease Time In The Kitchen

In a perfect world, I would have a chef and a pastry chef in the kitchen. I don’t mind cooking,  but It is not a passion of mine. There were days where I was taking  hours to make a meal, slicing up fruit, and prepping food for my family. For me, that was way too long. “Hours” are a thing in the past now. Some days I spend only minutes in the kitchen…yes minutes… and some days less then 30 minutes. 

I recently took a poll and had asked women what their top kitchen “go to” items were. I had a lot of answers for crock pots, rice makers, streamers and more. I decided to go smaller. Here are some useful small kitchen tools and decrease time from prepping, chopping, or cooking. 

My first gadget I cannot part with is my Mix N’ Chop from Pampered Chef. I love love this item. You take the handle, push it down into your meat, twist and turn a few times and your meat is broken up into lots of pieces. No more pounding and pounding away trying to get meat into tiny pieces. I use it to make taco’s, homemade sloppy joe’s and more.

Another item that makes my life easier is the Apple Slicer. This little gadget is small, so it can fit into most drawers and can chop an apple in seconds. Rather then slicing piece by piece, this thing does it for you. It also cuts out the apple core too! When the kids need a snack I simply push it down on the apple and the slices are ready to eat. Easy peasy. 

My kitchen shears are next on my list. I use these scissors almost everyday. We cook a lot of chicken in my house. It is cut up almost 99% of the time or shredded. Im able to reach into the drawer and put out the shears and cut up pieces of meat in minutes. Slicing chicken by hand piece after piece was just taking too long and also giving my hand a cramp. Not only meat, but we also cut our our daughters food like pizza, grapes, and with it as well. It also comes in handy to chop up bacon into bacon bits, and prepping kale and other greens. You can find these at Walmart, Meijer, a major food store and even the Dollar Tree!

The Food Chopper from Pampered Chef has also been a life savor. It has cut down my food prep time in half. Fine slicing an onion, tomatoes, and an avocado can take up a lot of prep time, but thanks to this kitchen gadget, the chopping is done within seconds. First, slice your vegetable or fruit in half. Next, place it in the chopper and push down a few times. Chop, chop, chop. Done! No hand cramping, no prep time before dinner and even your child can help. My son from time time has wanted to help cook. This is a great gadget to involve the little ones.

A single serve blender has been a breeze day to day. We are always on the go and this tool has been super helpful to me. The single blender is great to make single serving smoothies, protein shakes, lemonade, pancakes, soups and more. Just toss in the ingredients, hit the speed button and watch it work. Less then a minute later you have what you need. My favorite thing to make with the single blender are smoothies. I have the Simply Perfect small blender. It came with the blender, the cups and also to go lids. I load it with my fruit and yogurt, spin it, and take the cup off the blender. I add the top to the cup and go about my day. 

Some of my handy kitchen gadgets are from Pampered Chef. I do not sell nor am I distributor for these items, but i have found they are great quality! I have had both of my kitchen items for over 5 years and they still like if they were brand new. If you would like help getting these items please let me know.    

4 thoughts on “5 Kitchen Gadgets – Decrease Time In The Kitchen

  1. Thanks for sharing. I use the apple slicer as well. It comes in handy. I’ve been looking for a good chopper. I get tired of slicing fruits and vegetables by hand.

    1. The chopper from pampered chef is amazing. I know there are other ones from different makers, but the thing itself is great to use. It’s very handy.

    1. Use them! They are amazing in the kitchen in so many ways. I love mine. And I love the fact, you can get them for cheap too. Thank you for your response.

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