The Benefits Of Keeping Fit

Binging on Netflix, grabbing some food for comfort sounds like an ideal hobby to me most days. Although pleasant, this type of activity will not help keep your body fit. Promoting good health not only gives one a healthy lifestyle, but also sets a good example for our children. Physical fitness can improve one’s health, makes one feel better, look better by maintaining an optimal weight and can help one have good quality sleep. Thus, keeping fit improves the quality of life.

Having a good fitness routine can offer an extreme amount of benefit’s in ones life. Keeping up with a routine at 3 times a week helps manage your physical health in a massive way. Regular physical fitness has been shown to decrease many chronic diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, just to name a few can be manageable with the right routine. For example, exercising can help people with diabetes by naturally lowering the blood sugar level. People with arthritis may benefit as well by maintaining muscle strength in the affected joints and reduce stiffness. One must keep the heart active and heart rate up at least 2-3 times a week. Simple cardio (short for cardiovascular) exercises one may do are: Jumping jacks, jump roping, running in place, alternating knee lifts, stair running (run up a flight of stairs) and butt kicks. These easy routines can be done at home or at a gym. 

While continuing a fitness routine, one may start to feel better about their themselves. It is a great self-esteem booster. Toning up and losing pounds or even fitting into a slimmer pair of jeans is a goal for most people. Myself included! But what most people don’t know is that exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain like dopamine and endorphins. Thus, helps the brain regulate stress hormones. Performing exercise on a weekly basis can also reduce stress and help to relax and focus as well. Keeping to a goal weight is also super helpful to keep motivated to continue a workout. As women, we have an ideal image of ourselves. We want the “summer bod” or flat stomach. Setting those goals and meeting them really helps maintain an optimal weight and can boost our self-confidence.

If your anything like me, I love a good solid sleep. Exercising can have an impact on how one can sleep and can even help aid in Insomnia. Insomnia effects millions of people. Although there isn’t a lot of research done on how to prevent insomnia, keeping to a fitness routine can help aid in reduce insomnia severity. Research has shown that exercise has triggers an increase in body temperature and the post-drop exercise may promote falling asleep. It can also decrease arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Having a daily fitness routine can also help the effects on circadian rhythm (our body’s internal clock). Exercising may shift it’s timing depending upon the extreme of the exercise that is performed.

Improving our quality of life and keep ourselves healthy is not a trend but a lifestyle that more people should try and follow. Having a routine workout a couple times a week takes very minimal time in one’s life. One may not know where to turn or how to start a workout routine, and thus be frustrating. Technology is at our fingertips. There are a plethora of workout routines on google, there are app’s on a smartphone, a local gym can help with a few simple exercises and also your doctor may have advice on what exercises that are safe.

10 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Keeping Fit

  1. This is a great post, most of us need the motivation to remain fit. Right now, I am trying to exercise with my younger daughter, we are encouraging each other.

    1. Your welcome! My next blog post will be how to stay fir with kids. I think thats a major struggle with mamma’s. A lot of people think that with kids they can’t get in a regular routine and you most definitely can. Thank you for your comment 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have done research as to what fitness does to a persons body. I wanted to pinpoint to people that even though one may be at risk for disease or have health issues, that keeping fit can really help the body.

  2. I completely agree; it’s so important on so many different levels and at the same time so hard to get motivated when life is so focused on your family and their activities.

    1. Motivation is key. Its hard to get and get into a fitness exercise, especially if one may have never started an exercise routine or just isn’t interested at all. One of my upcoming blog posts will be motivation. IT can be a struggle to “get going” and begin something new.

    1. I agree. When I stop my exercise routine or have lacked, I feel as if my sleep isn’t as deep as it should be. My anxiety is a lot less too when I can run it off or sweat it off sometimes.

    1. Netflix was my morning binge, which is now my nightly binge. This is one way to move around your schedule and get some fitness in. Still do the things you love and stay healthy.

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