Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat


For decades yoga has proven to be a successful exercise for the body. Not only does it help reduce stress, improve flexibility, help reduce pain, but also improve energy. According to Good Housekeeping, In 2010, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Nursing published a comparative analysis of 81 studies that examined yoga’s health benefits and the health benefits of aerobic exercise. 

Performing yoga on a weekly basis is my personal favorite for many reasons. Thankfully, I am able to do the exercises, lose weight and the movements are safe for my body. After my back surgery, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to stay fit. I picked up a magazine at a local store and began to stretch and try each pose. I wasn’t able to complete all of them. So please don’t be discouraged if you are not able to as well. Within two weeks, I noticed results. Inches came off my abdomen and i lost three and half pounds. Now, performing only Yoga won’t reduce body fat right away, one will have to have control for a healthy diet as well. 


Let's Begin

 1.) Yoga Cobbler Pose

  • Stimulates the heart and improves general circulation
  • Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • Help ease childbirth

2.) Reverse Warrior Pose

  • Strengthens the core
  • Improves balance
  • Opens the hips
  • Builds lower body strength

3.) The Boat Pose

  • Tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles
  • Improves balance and digestion
  • Stretches your hamstrings.
  • Strengthens your spine and hips
  • Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands, and intestines

4.) Donkey Kick Pose

Strengthens many body parts:

  • Arms and Shoulders
  • Lower Back
  • Core (Abs)
  • Hamstrings
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Quadriceps

5.) Seated Forward Pose

  • Aids in relaxation, relieves stress and lifts mood
  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, lower back, ovaries, uterus and hamstrings
  • Helps relieve symptoms of menstrual discomfort
  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress 

6.) Ustrasana Pose

  • Opens up the hips
  • Stretches and strengthens the shoulders and back
  • Expands the abdominal region, improving digestion 
  • Improves posture
  • Opens the chest, improving respiration
  • Loosens up the vertebrae
  • Relieves lower back pain

7.) Cobra Pose

  • Strengthens the shoulders, chest and abdominals
  • Decreases stiffness of the lower back.
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves menstrual irregularities
  • Elevates mood
  • Firms and tones the buttocks

8.) Wind Relieving Pose

  • Strengthens the back, digestive system and reproductive system
  • Stretches the abdomen, lower back and arms
  • Tones the muscles of the arms and legs

Yoga alone won’t rid all belly fat. A healthy diet is needed to help shed and keep off the inches. A few things one can do is reduce / avoid sugar sweetened drinks, eat more protein, cut carbs, and eat foods rich in fiber. Control is the hardest part, but once it becomes a daily routine it will become a lifestyle. 

3 thoughts on “Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat

  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for good ways to strengthen my body especially core and back. Knowing what each pose does is incredibly helpful. Definitely trying these out.

  2. I love yoga and have been wanting to get back into it recently, this is such a well laid out post and I am loving the listed benefits and pictures to help ensure that it’s being executed properly. I can’t wait to add these to my routine!

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